Status of Projects

Completed Projects
In Progress Projects

Completed Projects

Some of the projects carried out by Ara Mehr Avang Co. Or the main founders:

1.Various conferences and seminars about international opportunities between Iran and Latin America (Mexico);
2. Preparing the structure of international megaprojects in different fields (Mexico);
3. Compilation of forms, statutes and international regulations (Mexico);
4. Creating different models of international cooperation (Mexico);
5. Identification of international opportunities, projects and contracts (B.O.T, B.O.O, EPC +F, EPC, G to G)
6. Preparation and compilation of various contracts for international transactions and the process of negotiations and transactions;
7. Rural Development Facilitation Projects (Mexico);
8. Facilitation Training Project (Mexico);
9. Basic forms development project (Mexico);
10. Project to help production workshops of rural development (Mexico);
11. Water Management and Rural Agriculture Training Courses (Mexico);
12. Optimum grazing training projects (Mexico);
13. Tree planting and environmental development training projects (Banab branch);
14. Rural women’s empowerment projects (Banab branch);
15. Projects of rural women’s micro funds (Banab branch);
16. Projects of rural cooperative companies (Banab branch);

In Progress Projects

Some of the ongoing projects by Ara Mehr Avang Co:

1. Feasibility projects of trans-territorial agriculral projects in Latin American countries;
2. Feasibility study for barter trade projects between Latin American countries and midleast;
3. Structure construction for barter trade projects;
4. International mass builders for housing projects invitation;
5. Feasibility projects for providing machinery;
6. The project of defining the structure of joint chambers of commerce;
7. Project of economic development house;
8. Fund structure definition and development projects;
9. Import projects of agricultural products;
10. Projects to investigate the substructure of textile imports from Iran to Mexico;
11. Marketing and market research project for the iranian products knowledge-based companies in Latin American countries;
12. The project to investigate the import of specialized mining machinery from Mexico to Iran;
13. Investment proposal projects in various fields of work in Mexico;
14. The project of proposing a suitable lands for agriculture and livestock with large lands and equipment for purchase or rent or partnership;