1- Services for Infrastructural and foundation of international projects. (Definition of schematic business model, business management and monitoring model, guaranteed international financial platform, initial feasibility of project, project risk assessment, general consultations, conceptual studies and target market, etc.)
2- Legal services. (services for getting to know the laws and customs related to the transaction, services of memorandums of understanding, agreements and international contracts from zero to one hundred, services of legalization, registration, apostille, etc. of contracts, and services of mailing the original of contracts and… )
3- Negotiation and transaction services. (Assisting in negotiation, translation, transaction, training and empowering, transaction, management and negotiation, comparing opportunities and finalizing the deal)
4- Engineering services for international projects. (Idea and project, detailed technical and economic justification project and banking plan, business plan, environmental assessment, financial structure engineering and etc.)
5- Commercial services. (Product or customer identification, inquiries, analyses, transportation logistics, licenses, product price estimates and transportation and insurance, ancillary supplies, domestic and international guarantees, payments, export and import licenses, order registration and…)
6- Registration services. (brand registration, patent registration, company registration, trademark registration, order registration, contract registration, etc.)


1. Defining international projects and helping to implement them optimally;
2. Complete consulting services for international contracts and project developments;
3. Assistance for importing products and services and transferring current knowledge from Latin American countries to mideleast and viceversa;
4. Assistance and facilitation in obtaining credits in Mexico and some Latin American countries;
5. Consulting for general issues of financial management and company creation with account opening in Latin American countries;
6. Financial services for international projects;
7. Helping to elaborate business contracts due to full familiarity with the culture, languages and government structure of most Latin American countries;
8. Consultation, negotiation and complete international transaction for the establishment of industrial, mining, agricultural, etc. projects;
9. International sell and purchase as a mandate or negotiator or supplier;
10. Help and advice to invite investors for international projects;
11. Empowerment and formation of international start-up companies;
12. Consulting and helping to define business opportunities between Latin America and Iran;
13. Consulting and helping to define entrepreneurial ideas;
14. Advice and help for the opportunity to study in Latin America;
15. Development of educational, employment and entrepreneurship projects in the field of rural development;
16. Assistance and advice for technical and economic justification projects, business plan and environmental assessment;
17. Assistance for company and brand registration in Mexico and some Latin American countries;
18. Help to export, sell and introduce and exchange products in the markets of Latin America and Iran;
19. Assistance in obtaining a visa and living in Mexico and some other Latin American countries;
20. Helping to honor economic, artistic, scientific, and cultural activists by awarding special honorary doctorates from Latin American universities;