Ara Mehr Avang Co. (AMA) after many years of teamwork study of the funders in the field of international projects facilitation to projects development, transactions, exchanges, partnerships and international trade of midleast with the world, especially with Latin American countries at (2021) and funded in Iran and its headquarters were established in Tehran and Mexico City.

Ara Mehr Avang Co. is an experienced, knowledge-oriented, technological company with complete familiarity with international contracts and international projects In definition, design, management, control and supervision in infrastructure development projects, investment, finance, refinance B.O.T, B.O.O, EPC, EPCF, contracting and procurement and technology consulting. Having a group of experts with experience and opinion in the field of international contracts and projects in different countries such as Iran, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. As well as some other Asian and European countries, it is engaged in various fields of international projects, business, knowledge and technology transfer, education, private and government investment projects, financing projects and international contracts and consulting.

Mission Statment

Ara Mehr Avang is an expertise and commitment-oriented company that pays great attention to the improvement of the technical knowledge of its personnel, colleagues, representatives and strategic partners in the field of international projects and transactions, and with an emphasis on updating its work system in the technical knowledge of international scientific, technical, commercial and other fields of projects to help develop Middle East with the world specially Latin America negotiation, it does its best to satisfy customers with contractual obligations, focusing on timely delivery, cost-effectiveness and safety of its services.


Creating a platform and reliable comprehensive technical structure for defining, designing, managing, controlling, monitoring and engineering international projects. including megaprojects, investment, finance, refinance, international contracting, exploitation and ownership transfer projects, international trade, structure and  implementation of bater trade projects. Trans-territorial cultivation, transfer of knowledge and technology, introduction of financing mechanisms, consulting for project financing, consulting contracts for negotiation, consultation and transaction. International contracts (B.O.T, B.O.O, EPC +F, EPC, G to G). and any project related to sustainable development.


Converting the Ara Mehr Avang Co. to global reference of internarional small, medium and megaprojects development and commerce centered between mideleast an all-round the world with having the must vanguard technical, technological and ethical structure.

Values & Principles

Commitment, honesty, transparency, teamwork, specialization and flexibility to clients.

Business Lines

The current business lines of Ara Mehr Avang Co. based on its constitution are as follows, we hope that in the near future it will cover all the sectors l mentioned in the field of the company’s activities.
1. Definition, design, management, control, supervision and engineering of international projects including investment, finance and refinance;
2. Complete services and support necessary for obtaining permits, supervision and engineering of international contracting projects;
3. Defining the necessary infrastructure, implementation and support for large duration and bog international trade projects;
4. Definition of structure and implementation of bater trade projects, trans-territorial cultivation and transfer of knowledge and technology and sustainable development;
5. Help to provide financial resources for internal and external projects and the combination of the two, through credit lines between the two countries, private or government investors with the full implementation of financing mechanisms for the client;
6. Full range of services for international contracts, including preparation, writing, registration, confirmation by the embassy, chamber of commerce and related ministries, etc.;
7. Cooperation and assistance for obtaining international projects including B.O.T, B.O.O, EPC, EPCF, EPC + F from some Latin American countries;
8. Helping to purchase or sell products or international marketing with brokerage contracts;
9. Help to prepare and complete executive project, technical and economic plans, business plan, environmental assessment in different languages;
10. Providing international consulting services with an emphasis on Latin America in various fields of business, sports, culture and sustainable development, etc.;

Organizational Chart

Ara Mehr Avang Co. has a central management system and has three branches in Tehran, Bonab and Kermanshah, where all general and important decisions are made in the central branch under the supervision of the board of directors. These decisions can be part of the development of the company’s infrastructure, the development of internal regulations, department letters, licenses, memorandums and international contracts and megaprojects. And at the same time, each of the branches has its own management structure and areas of authority are defined. Also, representatives from outside Iran are selected and managed by the central branch in Tehran.

Organizational chart of Tehran

Tehran: International Projects
Tehran branch is the central branch and structurally surround the whole company and all international megaprojects are managed there.

Organizational chart of Kermanshah

Kermanshah: Commercial projects and international trade
Kermanshah branch is the commercial arm of the company and its managing director is selected by the board of directors and its executive structure is as follows.

Organizational chart of Bonab

Bonab: Sustainable development projects
Bonab branch is the main arm of the company’s social development and social responsibility, and its managing director is elected by the board of directors and has the following executive structure.

Key People

Ara Mehr Avang Co. to push services goals in the field of international projects, Company is collaborating with effective people who have enough experience and knowledge in international projects in the legal areas, definition, negotiation, transaction, project writing, consultation and other areas, he invited expert, trusted and reliable people. And this leads to finding the best solutions with optimal time and appropriate cost to define, design and implement projects in the best way.

Colaborators & Strategic Partners

Obtained & in the Proccess Licenses, Certificates & Membership

1. Electronic trust symbol license (Inmad)
2. License of the country’s computer trade union system
3. License of digital media
4. License of the National Union of Virtual Businesses
5. Internet business license
6. Organizing license
7. Licenses related to domestic and foreign bank payments
1. Tax Identodocation of Iran
2. Chamber of Commerce membership card
3. License of economic operators of Iran Customs Organization
4. Economic activity license of Iran’s free and special zones
5. IMT system license

1. Qualification certificate for consulting services (from the country’s management and planning organization)
2. Certificate of Iranian Consultants Association
3. Consulting certificate for agricultural services (from the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad of Iran)
4. Official translation certificate (Spanish and English)
5. Project management certificate
6. Business consulting service qualification certificate from Mexico (and other Latin American countries for some company members)
7. Certificate of facilitating agricultural production projects from Mexico
8. Rural Facilitation Development Certificate from Mexico and several other related certificates

Section V : Memberships
1. Membership in creative and innovative institutions and companies house;
2. Membership in technological parks
3. Membership in the system and cooperation program with international experts and entrepreneurs
4. Membership in the technology export and exchange corridor
5. Membership in the Iranian Patent Center under the Presidential Science and Technology secretary
6. Membership in the website of economic activists of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
7. Membership in ICC International Chamber of Commerce
8. Membership in Iran Chamber of Commerce
9. Membership in the Chamber of Commerce of Tehran, Kermanshah and East Azarbaijan provinces
10. Membership in some international joint chambers
11. Membership of the Agricultural Engineering System Organization and the civil Engineering System Organization
12. Membership in the Animal Feed Association
13. Membership in Transterritorial Cultivation Association
14. Membership in the Association of Textile Manufacturing and Trading Industries
15. Membership in some other agricultural, industrial and mining associations of the Islamic Republic of Iran
16. Membership in similar associations in the cases mentioned above in Mexico or some other Latin American countries

The Company's Commitment to Quality

Quality always has been a constant feature in our company’s performance, we adapt our products and services with national and international standards, including Iran’s National Standards Organization, ISO International Standards Organization, International Chamber of Commerce contracts, Iran Chamber, Chamber of Commerce of the target country, World and National Trade Organization, foreign investment laws, target countries, the trade laws of the countries, or the standards of each organization and trade union.

Our Advantages

1. Having expert and experienced teams and forces in most Latin American countries
2. Having a permanent and part-time expert representative of the company in different countries
3. Getting to know the commercial and transactional culture of most Latin American countries and mastering the specialized literature of international contracts in English, Spanish and Farsi languages.
4. Having projects and great work opportunities and methods of participation in the field of Latin American countries
5. Covering a wide range of services and effective communication for obtaining B.O.O, EPC, EPCF, EPC+F projects.
6. Speed, accuracy and competitive costs for projects
7. Access to effective tools and skills to analyze, estimate and reduce project risk
8. Business ethics and teamwork
9. Reasoned and documented work progress report
10. Full support and advisory services for immigration, company registration and infrastructure preparation and establishment in the target country

Specific Countries

Iran / Mexico / Bangladesh / Chile / Venezuela / Nicaragua / USA / Other Latin American countries