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How to work with us

We are a flexible company to the client. And in addition to the special formats that we have for contracts, we can recieve your free request according to your requirment. Some of the contracts that can work wirh Ara Mehr Avang Co.:

1. Oral consultation contract (hourly);
2. Project consulting contract;
3. Project participation contract;
4. Brokerage contract (intermediary);
5. Investment participation contract;
6. Professiona team making contract;
7. International tender service contract;
8. Academic consulting and obtaining study visa and assistance in obtaining Mexican residency contract;
9. Introduce international opportunities contract;
10. Free application contract;

Send a Request

If you are interested in communicating and cooperating with us, you can send us your request clearly. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Some requests with Ara Mehr Avang Co.:

1. Request to participate in consultation meetings;
2. Support request to conclude international contracts;
3. Request for help in buying a product from abroad;
4. Request for help in selling the product;
5. Request for assistance to offshore crop projects in Latin American countries;
6. Request for help with batter trading;
7. Request to post a sales announcement;
8. Request to publish an investment opportunity advertisement;
9. Request for assistance in obtaining bids and non-bids international projects;
10. Request for help to transform an idea into a project or to complete an executive project;
11. General services for visitors or stablished companies in Latin America;