Request for assistance to offshore crop projects in Latin American countries

If you are a natural or legal person who has the necessary permits from the government of your country of origin for offshore cultivation or is willing to invest in the fields of agricultural, livestock or fishing production in Latin American countries and is interested in cultivating crops such as wheat, rice, corn, oats, beans, soybeans, or other products like coffee, cocoa, or any other products like citrus fruits, vegetables, etc., and is also interested in establishing food industries, including food processing and finishing industries in countries From Latin America, our company Ara Mehr Avang Co can provide you with the necessary technical, legal, and administrative assistance to establish your company in the destination country, such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela, and some others.and also provide important steps to present investment proposals ready to work and obtain all the permits and licenses from the governments of the country of destination, as well as we can help you in the review of the evaluation and the completion and presentation of the Projects.
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