Support request to conclude international contracts

If you are a natural or moral person who needs help to enter into an international cooperation contract, joint venture, purchase, sale, or carry out an international mega project, our team can help you in diffrent areas such as the definition of the general concept and the engineering of the object of the contract, design and engineering of the contract, the translation into international languages (English and Spanish), argumentation of the terms and conditions of the contract and the defense of the interests of your team, we will help you from zero to one hundred of everything you need in the chambers of commerce and governmental authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the country of destination to be able to legalize, help register the contract so that your contract has the maximum executive guarantee and the best legal and written quality in terms of international law and goes the way with the best legal backing.
To begin with, you can send us a consultation request through the following form and after meeting with our consultants, make a decision on your contracts, including the definition, design, drafting, translation and legalization of your contract with us.
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