General services for visitors or stablished companies in Latin America

For natural or legal interested person in participating in commercial, technological, scientific exhibitions, or other types of the events in Mexico or some Latin American countries, such as Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, etc., Ara Mehr Avang Company can provide the following services in the country of destination through its representatives:
1- Assistance in obtaining a visa to participate in the exhibition or an investment visa or your work visa (considering that a proper visa is needed to sign a contract in the destination country);
2- Help to rent or acquire the items needed like merchants, businessmen and explain the privileges of the required language;
3- Coordination for a good accommodation with the most appropriate price and optimal conditions in the desired city of the destination country;
4- Accompany one or more translators from the company Ara Mehr Avang for businessmen or visitors during their trip to the country of destination;
5- Help with national travel needs in the destination country as a tourist or marketing trips, market research, negotiation, contracts or any other purpose;
6- consultation and obtaingn on the commercialization and celebration of large contracts with chains of commerce in the country of destination;
7- Accompaniment to buy the desired product (product, service or technology in the country of destination) with optimal price and conditions;
8-Assist visitors in explaining their interests in the joint chamber of commerce and take steps for its establishment;

In addition, any other service you may need, including company registration, trademark registration, obtaining licenses, permits, assistance in exports, imports, price estimation for logistics and international transport and national customs, etc. If you are a natural or legal person and need one or some of the above mentioned services in a certain country, fill out the following form and obtain a quote and conditions as soon as possible.

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