Request to participate in consultation meetings

Ara Mehr Avang Co. provides groupal and personal consultation meetings in classified specific fields at least one meeting for general consultation per week in the following fields:
1. General advices for starting an international business;
2. General advices to convert an idea into a project;
3. General consultation for completing economical and technical project, business plan and environmental assessment project;
4. General consultation for international marketing and sales;
5. General consultation for export and import with Latin America;
6. General advices for participating in international negotiations and tenders;
7. General advices for registeration of brand, company, trademarks and etc. in Latin America.
You can share your interest and needs for consultation and participate in our meetings with filling the below form, Our company will inform you about the type of consultation, costs and forms of payments.

For sending request please fill all the starred part of the form.